AAT India is one of the key partnerships which is powered by Qualt technology. A Joint Venture between the Association of Accounting Technicians and Floream, the partnership was launched in January 2014 at a National Skills Development Corporation (NSDC) event in collaboration with Matthew Hancock (UK Minister for Skills) and Ramadorai Subramanian (Chairman of the NSDC). The partnership is focussed on enabling entry-level skills development in finance and accounting throughout India.
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This is just one of the ways Qualt is supporting the Indian government target to upskill 500 million Indian citizens by 2022. Our platform is powering a number of initiatives in India to provide innovative gateway solutions for professional skills development. We are also in the process of setting up a number of partnerships with Indian businesses to deliver large-scale professional skills development training to their employees.

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Ramadorai Subramanian
NSDC has an ambitious target to upskill 150 million people by 2022 and MOOCs will play an instrumental role in achieving this. AAT India’s Mobile MOOC is a great start for entry level accounting and finance skills. We look forward to supporting its launch”.
Ramadorai Subramanian - Chairman of both National Skills Development Agency and NSDC